About Smile Video

The founder of Smile Video is Marissa Holden. For the past seven years she has been delivering video production and coaching to help businesses and charities stand out from their competition. Clients regularly comment on how approachable and easy to work with she is, saying they feel less self-conscious on camera with her behind it.


Before setting up the business, Marissa was a former broadcast journalist at the BBC and Sky News, where she read and wrote the news for national broadcast and produced and edited programmes.  The experience has given her a keen ear/eye for a good story, how to write compelling content for broadcast, and how to deliver your story effectively to hook your audience in, and prompt them to act.


The pressures of 24/7 (generally) bad news stories made Marissa reassess her life and look for more fun at work. So she set up Holden Media Productions back in 2016 to tell good news stories about people, charities and businesses.


Since then, the business has grown and now Smile Video works with other experts to deliver what they need.



Marissa works alongside several professionals to ensure clients receive what they need and get the best quality service and outcomes. This includes people from the worlds of voice coaching, photography, business coaching, social media content and marketing.

One of the collaborations is with Kate Skellern of the Brave Voice Company. Together they deliver high quality video coaching to business leaders, teams and Livery companies through Voice and Video: voiceandvideo.co.uk

Our clients see the transformation from the beginning to the final take. This enables them to communicate more effectively through video or in person, allowing them to attract clients, and influence and motivate their teams. Attendees go from mediocre to marvellous in their video, presentation and communication skills, with the result that they are seen and heard  – for the right reasons – in a busy media landscape.

And the name?

It’s simple, but there is a story: Marissa’s mum was called ‘Smiler’ at school – and used to say ‘smiling is infectious’. Therefore, it struck a chord when her son’s reception teacher said, ‘You can’t help but smile back, if someone smiles at you’. After working in news for so long, we want our videos to connect people – for happier reasons – and to infect more people with smiles.